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 How I almost fell for a car ad scam
Published on 2022/08/19, by NojusK.

One day I decided to publish an ad on to sell my car. Considering it was my first time on that WebSite, a day later I received a message with the following(translated from German):

Hello, is your vehicle still for sale? If so, please send me an email at renegunter10@ Greetings René Günter

Then a few days another:

Hello, If you still have this available for sale, please write to me at my email to have further discussions about this with friendly greetings, Bentele

It was suspicious, why they wanted to talk over E-mail, instead of using the WebSite's built-in chat feature, however after writing back and forth a couple E-mails, he wanted me to pay 350 euros to a supposed DB Schenker shipping company, whose E-mail address ended I stopped talking to it and reported all of them to Google, which I hope they will.

Moral of this: be more cautious, when selling something OnLine.

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