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 HP Compaq nx 6110: revival
Published on 2022/04/23, by NojusK.


Ever since buying this laptop for cheap, It always bothered me that it's battery wasn't holding charge when unplugged, power supply was a Lenovo branded one with wrong voltage, and of course the condition of the laptop itself was both bad and good. It isn't perfect, but there's still hope to revive it! Let's start the journey of reviving this H(orrible) P(roducts) laptop.

Power Supply

The power supply, as I wrote earlier, was not the original one that came from factory. It wasn't bad, but it just wasn't meant for this portable computer and it had a ridiculious amount of adapters. I had two choices, either buy used original or new aftermarket, there was a lot of thinking and toughts about this, but I decided to go with used original, because aftermarket laptop power supplies are known to be less reliable and cheaper made then original ones, it's also known they can interfere with radio frequencies. I bought it from German eBay for 12.99 euros + shipping, a week later, an eBay branded box arrived They were so nice to even include a 45 euros coupon to a grocery store that, sadly doesn't exist in my country, but maybe someday I will go to Germany..!

HP_battery HP_battery_new_writing

Of course, "Made In China", but it's HP-branded and looks genuine, voltage is correct and also looks in very good condition for a used item.


The battery that has been in this laptop looks to be the original one, but of course, as I wrote earlier, it doesn't hold the charge anymore.

It was decided to buy a brand new battery from RDY and 2 days ater, it arrived:

This is something new I see, are they so ashamed of making their batteries in China, that they wrote "Made in P. R. C." so that people won't notice and understand? Guess I'm too smart, lol.

Anyways, the battery was installed and the laptop turned on.

Only thing left to do now, is to calibrate the battery and it's ready to be used. I tend to not go below 40%, so the battery doesn't degrade faster. In the next part, I'm going to upgrade it to it's limit, so I can get the most out of it's performance.

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