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 Updating Java on Windows XP 32-bit (x86) past update 151/152
Published on 2019/05/19, by NojusK.


Ever since Oracle broke their Installers on Java 8 Update 161/162 and never fixing, users weren’t able to install it officially, but some found that extracting the tar.gz archive downloadable from Oracle's WebSite with an Oracle account and extracting the contents of it to the directory where your Java is installed(e.g C:\Program Files\Java) seemed to work.

First of all let’s download the tar.gz package from Oracle’s site [LINK], you must accept the license agreement in order to continue. Select and download jre-8u>update number<-windows-i586.tar.gz, it will prompt you to Log in:


If you have an account, enter it’s credentials, but if you don’t have one and don’t want to create use and enter the most working credentials from it. After you’ve successfully logged in, it’s going to download the file, keep in mind you will need to use WinRAR or 7-zip or any other tar.gz capable extractor to extract the files. Extract the files to C:\Program Files\Java and by overwriting the old one. Checking the Java version in “About Java” shows that we have the new version:


You will need to repeat the same process every time a new Java update is available, since you cannot update it using the updater.

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