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 Enabing Network Level Authentication(NLA) under Windows Server 2003
Published on 2020/02/18, by NojusK.


Warning: This method doesn't work on 64-bit server Editions, tested only on 32-bit!

Windows Server 2003 never got Remote Desktop Connection 7.0 like XP, meaning no easy way of enabling Network Level Authentication, which meant that Servers running Server 2003 wouldn’t be able to connect to Servers running Windows Server 2008 and later. In this tutorial, I’m going to show how to enable it. Download the credssp.dll [LINK] file taken from the KB969084 update, since it just doesn’t exist on Server 2003 and place it in the System32 directory (e.g C:\Windows\System32). Follow these instructions to enable it (They are identical to the ones for XP) [HERE]

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