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 Updating Root Certificates under Windows XP/Server 2003
Published on 2019/04/17, by NojusK.


Ever since Microsoft has broken the Certificate updating mechanism on Windows XP/Server 2003 (and haven’t fixed it), It became clear that you wouldn’t get updated Certificates the regular way, at first on MSFN there was a solution that would needed to be done every 3 Months, but the same user Heinoganda at the forum created an independent Updater that simplified the process of manually updating it [LINK]. The steps are very easy, first extract 2 files named “DL_URL_UPD.reg” and “Cert_Updater_V1.6.exe” Run the Registry File and after that run the executable, you will be greeted with this message:


Click Yes and a larger window should appear downloading the New certificates (Internet Connection obviously required!). Wait a few seconds (depending on your Internet speed) it should complete, the windows after completion should look like this:


You will need to run the updater every 3 months, to make sure your Certificates or up-to date.

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