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 Get Skype 7 working again after Microsoft decided “to shut it down”
Published on 2019/03/08, by NojusK.

WARNING: This solution is no longer working, because Microsoft has killed Skype 7 servers! Hello, As you may know Microsoft decided “shut down” Skype 7 (known sometimes as “Skype Classic”) on January 8th. But they didn’t! Back in August they said that they will shut it down for good. They extended it to November 1st to be the end for it on desktop and November 15st on mobile. That didn’t happen either, it’s still working to this day. Now if you want to use it (that’s the reason you came to the thread) just simply download and install the last known working version of it. Hope this helps you all. (I have the build, but works fine anyway)
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